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Nitron Designed Rear Toe Link Kit

NITRON Designed Rear Toe Link Kit
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The standard Lotus toe-link has been designed for road use, and is pretty marginal on strength when it comes to track use. One of the most common track-day or race modifications is to upgrade this item. Nitron designed toe-link kit for Toyota engined cars, This kit uses the very best available materials, to produce the lightest yet stiffest bar available. Design The assembly has a full Fluro Motorsport joint at each end (their best joint), but unlike the normal aftermarket kits with left hand and right hand threads, ours is adjusted only at the outer end, in the wheel, which is easily accessible. As such, there is no need to remove the undertray to make adjustments. Also, as our system uses differential thread pitch adjustment (as used on real racing car suspension), very fine tune adjustments can easily be achieved, which is necessary when setting the rear toe-in. All necessary fasteners are supplied in the kit. The inner joint has some stainless spacers fitted to it, then it is attached to the car with a specially made 10.9 grade High tensile bolt (these are normally black), which has a very long smooth shank and short thread section as it goes through the rear lower wishbone bush. This bolt is then electroplated to resist corrosion. The main toe-link tube is fitted to the inner rod-end, this tube is machined from a billet of 7075-T6 as well as being gun-drilled for lightness, and the hard anodised. This tube is really substantial to retain the overall stiffness of the link, which is essential to maintain the correct toe setting during hard cornering. The adjuster system is then screwed into the main tube, this is a stainless steel barrel with a male and female thread machined onto it. By using a 2.0mm pitch thread and a 1.25mm pitch thread, both RH threads, when the assembly is turned, it will either extend or retract by 0.75mm per turn to allow really fine tune adjustment. This system is also much easier to lock and unlock than a joint at either end of a simple tube. The outer rod end is then screwed into the female end, and the link is complete. To finish the kit, A machined outer pin/stem with rolled threads and the correct taper which is inserted into the bottom of the upright. Porsche Cup cars also use an extended pin of this stylel. With a lightweight K-nut fitted each end of the pin and stainless spacers to adjust bump steer, this finishes the ultimate toe-link kit. UPDATED for 2013 - No drilling or tapping of holes, this is I direct fit kit with all necessary components included Also available with out the cross brace and spreader plates etc to fit S2 Exige already fitted with a factory supplied cross brace These kits have been tested in the Britcar 6 hour and the drivers all reported that the car felt incredibly precise and predictable. IN SUMMARY - Aluminium Toe-Link tube machined in 7075-T6 and HARD ANODISED - outer spindle with rolled threads and taper fit to standard rear upright -Conical spacers in stainless steel for bump-steer adjustment - M12 K-nuts for both ends of outer tapered spindle - German Fluro™ Motorsport range 12mm PTFE lined spherical bearings - Stainless steel adjuster barrel - High tensile electroplated 10.9 grade inner M10 bolt (specially made) ADVANTAGES: - Adjustment at outer end only using differential thread pitch system, so undertray does not need to be removed. - Super-fine adjustment. - No corrosion - Super stiff outer spindle to retain toe under load - Ultra lightweight - double shear inner mounting (required as it is only 10mm diameter) - Super high quality bearings so will last an extremely long time


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