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  • 2ZZ Oil Cooler Sandwich Plate

    2ZZ Oil Cooler Sandwich Plate A thermostatically controlled oil cooler sandwich plate to fit all 2ZZ engines. Ideal for those wish to add their own oil cooler solution or as a direct replacement for the original sandwich plate. Lotus part number B120K6001F Learn More
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  • 308mm S2, VX220 & Europa Brake Discs (one piece)curved vane

    308mm one piece S2 Brake discs. These 308mm brake discs have curved vanes which are handed left and right to ensure balanced cooling accross both sides of the car, unlike the original 288mm discs which use one casting and have curved vanes all in the same direction. This leads to one side of the cars brakes being cooled better than the other!!! Many of the aftermarket discs that are available also use one casting with vanes which are in one direction only! Then they have grooves or holes put onto the disc to make them handed. These discs use handed castings and should not be confused with other products on the market. These discs are as used on the Europa SE and 2010 Exige with the factory fitted fast road brake kit!! Could be used as part of a front brake upgrade on a standard S2 VX220 or Europa, using the standard 2 pot calipers, spacers and the correct length caliper retaining bolts Diameter = 308mm Thickness = 26mm Braking surface = Drilled Disc type = Vented Vanes = Curved, handed left and right Learn More
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  • Air Filter All Toyota Engines Fitted With TRD Airbox

    Air Filter All Toyota Engines With TRD Airbox Learn More
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  • Anti-Roll Bar Lotus Sport Adjustable (Yellow)

    Anti-Roll Bar Lotus Sport Adjustable (Yellow) As fitted to Elise and Exige models fitted with Lotus sports suspension package. Has five holes to allow fine handling adjustements. Lotus part number A120C0020F Learn More
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  • AP Racing / Lotus 4 Pot Caliper Upgrade Kit S2

    AP Racing / Lotus 4 Pot Caliper Upgrade Kit S2. An ideal upgrade kit for anyone wishing to upgrade there original front two pot calipers. (Only suitable for 308 mm discs) Included in the kit are 2 x 4 pot AP Racing calipers (Left and Right) 1 x Set front brake pads (Lotus fast road - Ferodo 2500) 4 x Caliper mounting bolts 2 x Braided brake hoses. These caliper are a direct fit to all S2 (Elise & Exige), Europa (2006<) and VX220. The calipers in this kit use the very popular Lotus/AP Racing pad shape so different pad materials are readliy available. THESE CALIPERS MUST USE A 308MM DISC This caliper upgrade kit can also be used by those wishing to upgrade from AP 295 Discs and two pot calipers by adding our 308mm alcon discs. Our 308mm Alcons have the same bolt fixing pattern as the AP 295 discs, so very easy to upgrade with out the need to buy new bells!! Learn More
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  • Braided Brake Hoses For AP 4 Pot Caliper

    A pair (2) of Braided Brake Hoses for AP 4 Pot Caliper Lotus part number A120J0043F x 2 As fitted by Lotus to all cars with 4 pot AP racing front calipers Matching rear hoses also available Lotus part number A120J0044F Learn More
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  • Exige V6 Front Tow Eye

    Exige V6 Front Tow Eye, 80mm diameter eye, 5mm thick aluminium, Powder coated red. Learn More
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  • Ferodo F2500 Front Brake Pads (2 pot)

    Ferodo F2500 Front Brake Pads (2 pot) Learn More
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  • Ferodo F2500 Rear Brake Pads (Brembo Rear)

    Ferodo F2500 Rear Brake Pads For the standard Brembo rear caliper As used on cars with the factory fitted fast road brake kit Learn More
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  • Lotus Sport 308mm Brake Upgrade Kit.

    Lotus sport deleloped big brake upgrage for the S2 Elise,Exige This kit consists of the following genuine Lotus parts:- AP Racing/Lotus direct fit four pot calipers (No brackets necessary) Matching front and rear brake pads Two one piece handed 308mm discs (4 stud on Elise and Exige, 5 stud on Europa and VX220) (converts the Europa S to SE spec brakes) Four braided brake hoses Caliper mouting bolts GENUINE LOTUS SUPPLIED BRAKE KIT A120J0045S This brake kit will fit inside a standard Lotus 16 inch (5.5 wide) wheel but DOES need careful positioning of the wheel balance weights All the major parts needed to upgrade the braking system of an S2, Europa S or VX220 to the same as that fitted to the 2010 Exige with the sport pack brake kit or the Europa SE (Just add brake fluid) Developed by the people who designed the car. Learn More
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  • Lotus Sport GT4 Rear Spoiler

    GT4 rear spoiler as fitted to the 2010 Lotus Exige. Comes complete with all fittings. Just requires painting the same colour as your car. Photographs show GT4 spoiler fitted to both an Exige and in the correct position on an S2 Elise. yes an Elise, fits the body contour perfectly and misses the engine cover / boot lid easily!!!! . Learn More
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  • Lotus Sport Supercharger Kit (Toyota 2ZZ N/A Cars)

    Lotus Sport Supercharger Kit for all N/A 2ZZ toyota engined cars. This kit has been developed by Lotus for the naturally aspirated Elise and Exige with the Toyota 2ZZ engine as an after market upgrade kit. Power increases from about 189 bhp to approximately 218 bhp and torque increase from about 130 ft.-lbs to approximately 155 ft.-lbs. Three kits are available, Kit 1 for the 2004/5 model year cars with Manual throttle kit 2 for the 2006/7 model year cars with Electronic throttle(White dash) kit 3 for the later 2008 model year onwards cars(Black dash). This is a complete kit including, Supercharger/manifold, drive belt, all necessary gasket and bolts and a calibrated ECU. Comes complete with installation instructions ..........................IMPORTANT INFORMATION......................... Please remember that this is a complete kit, with all parts necessary to complete the installation of the supercharger. Included is a Lotus supplied ECU that will match your car, so no trips to the rolling road etc etc. This also means that the installation is 100% competely reversible if the need arises. Learn More

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  • Lotus Sport TRD Air Box and Filter

    Lotus Sport TRD Air Filter Learn More
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  • Rack Height Setting Plates

    Rack height setting plates for lowered cars These items are required if the ride height of your car is lowered by more than a few millimetres. If you lower your suspension, the angle of your steering arm changes in relation to the height of the steering rack i.e. the steering rack track arm is angled upwards. Genuine Lotus Motorsport 10 notch rack setting plates will raise the steering rack by approximately 8mm and help to remove some unwanted bump steer. SUPPLIED IN PAIRS Lotus part number A111H0021F Learn More
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  • S2 Oil Cooler Radiator (Toyota)

    S2 Oil Cooler Radiator (Toyota) Genuine Lotus replacement oil cooler radiator. As fitted to all Toyota cars with factory fitted oil coolers. The RH Radiator can also be used to upgrade cars fitted at the factory with just one oil cooler Lotus part numbers RH A120K0020F LH A120K0021F Learn More
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  • V6 Exige Ultralight Forged Alloy Wheels IN STOCK NOW

    V6 Exige Ultralight Forged Alloy Wheels NEW PRODUCT...These are the same size and offset as used on the Exige Cup 430. The lotus supplied wheels originally used a 3mm spacer to achieve the ET32 Offset (ET35 with 3mm spacer = ET32) These new wheels are ET32 WITHOUT a spacer so eliglbe for race use where allowed A set of four Ultralight forged alloy wheels for the Exige V6 Coupe and Roadster. These new wheels are one of the lightest wheels available in 7.5 x17 and 10 x 18 sizes. Very very light but incredibly strong. Made in the UK Direct fitment to the Exige V6 using the original bolts Available in Satin Black. Front wheel 7.5 x 17 ET26 (Approx 6.8 Kgs) (Lotus cast wheel 8.1kgs approx.) Rear wheel 10 x 18 ET32 (Approx 9.5 Kgs) (Lotus cast wheel 11.6 kgs approx.) Uses the original Lotus Exige V6 wheel centre caps ( 4 centre caps also supplied with these wheels) Also available individually. Please contact us for details of single wheels Awaiting new stock to arrive (hopefully in the 430 cup offsets) Learn More
    Excl. Tax: £2,195.00 Incl. Tax: £2,634.00

  • V6 TRD Sports Air Filter Element

    V6 TRD Sports Air Filter Element This is the same TRD filter as used by Lotus on The Exige 360 CUP. Replaces the standard air filter fitted to The Evora, Evora S, Evora 400 and the Exige V6 (inc 350 Sport, 380 Sport and the CUP cars) Replaces standard filter A132E6324S Learn More
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