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Komo-Tec 500 Exige at Croft Circuit

SeriouslyLotus: Genuine, OE equivalent, and upgraded Lotus parts, servicing, repairs, and support. 40+ years of Lotus experience and a reputation for excellence.

What We Offer

1) Comprehensive Lotus Services:At SeriouslyLotus, we specialise in providing a range of services dedicated to Lotus cars, including parts supply, servicing, and repairs. We understand the unique needs of Lotus vehicles and strive to keep your car in optimal condition.

  • Servicing - we offer inspections, maintenance, and a stocked inventory of OE and upgraded parts for road and track, the same parts as supplied by our website. Every car is comprehensively inspected before and after work is done with the owner being consulted throughout the process
  • Parts - large selection of parts in stock, worldwide shipping since 2010
  • Repairs - mechanical or cosmetic, SeriouslyLotus can help
  • Upgrades - whether it's a quick checkover, full service or complete Komo-Tec install, we've got you covered
  • Diagnostics - advanced tools and technology to pinpoint and address your needs with accuracy and efficiency
  • Geometry - We use the latest 3D alignment equipment that is calibrated every 6 months to ensure accurate adjustments, optimal handling, performance, and tyre longevity

2) Trusted Lotus Parts Supplier: A Lotus parts supplier since 2010, our wide selection of Lotus and upgraded parts ensures that your vehicle receives the highest quality components.

3) Support at UK Trackdays: As a vital part of the Lotus community, SeriouslyLotus provides support at numerous UK trackdays organised by Lotus on Track. We are committed to enhancing your track experience by offering our expertise and assistance to ensure your Lotus performs at its best on the track. If you want to have a chat with us about any of our services, please find us on the day as we'd be happy to discuss...as long as we're not underneath a car!

4) Meet the Team: SeriouslyLotus is a business operated by Dave Garthwaite and John Shorrocks. With their extensive experience in the motor trade and their passion for Lotus cars, they form a team dedicated to providing exceptional service and support.

Our Commitment

At SeriouslyLotus, our commitment is to serve the Lotus community with dedication, passion, and expertise. We strive to be your go-to destination for all things Lotus, ensuring your ownership experience is nothing short of exceptional.

Thank you for considering SeriouslyLotus for your Lotus parts, servicing, and repair needs. We look forward to being a part of your Lotus journey.

Dave Garthwaite & John Shorrocks
Owners, SeriouslyLotus

SeriouslyLotus workshop, Hull